We offer on-site training and instant certification courses, taught by experienced Safety Professionals with decades of experience and knowledge in all standards set forth by OSHA & MSHA.

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Developing Experts

We customize training based on your policies in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Female industrial engineer wearing a white helmet while standing in a heavy industrial factory.

On-Location & On-Site

Give your employees an applicable, "real world" experience and take advantage of our on-site training. Hands-on training allows each student to participate and immediately practice learned methods. Determine employee competency while also decreasing travel costs.

Structured Programs

Put your technicians to the test. Our team can create a customized training program that tests your team steams strengths and weaknesses.

Safety Regulations & Continuing Education Credits

Developing and executing a training program yourself can be extremely difficult, time-consuming, and costly. Our team can quickly create a solution for your training requirement needs!

Training Programs

Our experience, extensive research, resources, and outstanding customer service allows us to provide the best possible training programs to include, but not limited to:

General Safety Training

We offer the most comprehensive catalog of safety training you'll find–from CPR/First Aid/AED to full OSHA & MSHA Certifications.

Drone Operators

Whether you are a recreational user or a commercial user, we teach Drone Operations and certifystudents to comply with FAA, API, ASNT, PCN, and AWS regulations for flight operations.

Heavy Equipment Operators

Misuse of light, medium, and heavy-duty equipment will cause accidents in the workplace. Properly training your team will save you time and money. From a simple pallet jack to a 20,000-ton crane, you can trust our experts.

Leadership Training

Our professionals can provide a full training program to align your leadership team–getting all team members on the same page.

Trained and certified by the best business development professionals globally, our instructors bring you a higher management standards level, ideal for safety directors, foremen, and field supervisors.

Rescue Training

Get the results you need by partnering with us to train your rescue teams. Our innovative training techniques will get your team ready to take action–whether on land or in the water!

DOT Regulations

Get your operators' DOT Certified under Federal DOT Regulations of any use–whether operating a small car or a Hazardous Chemical Semi Truck Load.

Rigging, Signalman & Flagger

Ensure your employees receive proper training to inspect rigging equipment before use, load rigging equipment safely, establish effective signaling procedures, and understand safety concerns.

Train the Trainer

We can instruct your senior employees on training your team and equipping them with the educational materials needed to implement OSHA training.

A worker setting a metal roof.

OSHA Training

Our safety trainers are knowledgeable about OSHA safety guides and regulations. We work withyour company to ensure you receive the courses specific to your company's safety training needs.

With over 100 standards and requirements from OSHA, we can guide you through both basic and specialized OSHA courses needed for your business goal to reduce the number of injuries, property damage, and workers' compensation claims.

We provide OSHA 10-hours and 30-hours courses and specialized courses in PEC training, confined space safety, electrical safety, construction safety, fire watch training, bottle watch training, NFPA 70e training, and more.