Qualified Safety Staffing in Houston, TX

Our professional network is supported by employers, recruiters, and candidates themselves–all available for short-term and long-term assignments. Our safety staffing and placement process are proven among some of the world's largest companies.

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Qualified Safety Professionals

Protecting the workplace is our priority. To prevent injuries and fatalities, we ensure our safety professionals have advanced education and training in Occupational Safety & Health.

The operational safety staffing training on building standards and regulations in Houston, TX.

Training Standards & Regulations

To meet your operational needs, our agile team also considers the many OSHA standards and regulations that affect all employers and employees, relieving you of the overwhelming task of staffing safety professionals.

Experts Available

We don't waste time with unqualified candidates. Our team has a well-established relationship with employers that rely on us to help build their workforce with skilled industry experts.

OSHA Safety Professionals

Supervisors & Techs

Drone Service Staffing

Medical Technicians

Standby Firefighters

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Our team is reliable, can work with your unique schedule, and maintains agility to adapt to project demands–whether ramping up or down.

Operate with confidence knowing there will not be a gap in your workforce. We provide companies with an immediate replacement if our safety staff is unavailable for any reason.