We provide strategic workplace and OSHA safety consulting services to support your business planning. From small to large businesses – in multiple industries across the globe – we help you stay compliant with turnkey safety solutions.

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Risk Assessments

Our expert safety consultants help your company avoid – as well as prepare appropriate responses – for your company to manage regulatory investigations, potential crises, employees, and clients.

A safety consultant assisting a group of 3 people.

OSHA Regulatory Investigations

Conducting an OSHA risk assessment requires expert knowledge of various, specialized job sites, typical workplace activities, employee behavior, management involvement, and how you prioritize urgent situations. That's why you should choose us.

Our team conducts comprehensive inspections, and mock OSHA safety audits to identify hazards, analyze, and evaluate risks. We then develop specific policies and procedures with OSHA & MSHA standards to prepare for emergency scenarios.

Evaluation Process

Our team will conduct safety walk-throughs and work with your team members to review operations. We assess your worksite, evaluate your operations, and deliver individual assessments at your facility.

We focus on identifying your employee exposure to hazardous materials and reducing potential incidents, including injuries or illnesses. Our qualified safety professionals will work to keep your employees safe and your company compliant.

During this, our assessments will evaluate the current condition of your worksite and forecast any potential situations that may put your organization at risk. Based on our evaluation, we can then determine if a control program is required. Your risk assessment will be complete and accurate.

We also offer consultation on safety standards for OSHA, human resources, and DOT.

Results, Policies & Procedures

Depending on your organization and its knowledge of regulatory standards, your assessment could be as simple as a meeting with your job site management team to share resources or as complex as requiring a health and safety management plan. No matter the situation, your safety and compliance is our priority.

Control Measures

Creating a safer and healthier workplace starts with adding control measures. We work closely with your management team to ensure our safety consulting will be effectively appliable to your unique organization. To minimize the hazardous risk level, we may recommend, develop, and implement control measures, as necessary.

A safety consultant speaking with an operator at a worksite.

Special Consultation

Equipped with safety experts from various industries, we are able to offer specialized consulting services that include, but are not limited to:

Environmental & Industrial

Our safety consulting services also include inspecting asbestos, green building (leed) certification, indoor air quality, and mold.

Additional Consulting Services

Our team includes safety experts equipped to support your company with achieving association requirements, corporate safety appraisals, developing project-specific safety plans, emergency response planning, employee interviews, incident analysis, recordkeeping for insurance, safety manual writing, and review, and safety perception surveys.